Help with rotoscoping this building

I am trying to rotscope out the foreground building.

Hardest part is figuring out how to deal with the building “spikes” of the inner park that appears and disappears as we move from left to right.

What should I use… just Translate or translate?


I would try rotoscoping the inside and outside of the building without the spikes in one shape, using all of the parameters up to shear and if that doesn’t work then only use translation. And then I would try separate shapes for the spikes themselves. And yeah I think you’d only have to use translation for the spikes.

Try that and let me know.


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Whelp I was able to do it but I feel like i can improve my efficiency or there is a better way to do it.

Attached is the screenshot of my final shapes. The green right side I tracked the side building with translate and then drew my shape also in green of the inner building. I linked the shape to the track but I found I had to do a lot of keyframing to match up parts.

When I went to try and do it the left side, I tried maybe tracking the inner part with skew and perspective on but it didnt work.

I ended up just tracking the shape directly upper and lower (in red) rather than linking it to any other tracks. I still had to keyframe but it wasnt as bad.

Thoughts on how I went about it and if there is an even better way?


Thanks again! see my results and further questions above :slight_smile:

Your shape around the inner and outer building could be one big, smooth shape. You included the little pieces in the edge as opposed to a smooth shape.

The shape I was suggesting was a smooth solid shape around the building edges and then a separate shape that would have looked a little bit like a ladder over the little pieces that stick out.

You can also always use Uberkey to fit the shape to the edges of the building as you can see them to make the smooth shape large and accurate.

Does that make sense to you? Try something like that and let me know.