Help with tricky face roto

Hi all,
I’ve a question regarding some footage i need to roto.
The basic requirements are to remove the body and shoulders. And most importantly, to have the neck feather out. I’ve attached a frame as an example of how I need it to look.
Here is the footage:

It would be simple if he didn’t look up, down, left and right all the time. Plus the constant chin waggling add’s further need for refinement.
I’d like to know other people’s thoughts about how they would approach this. What they would track and how they would break it up in the sections.
Many thanks for your input in advance.

Hi Tim,
Looking a your footage, I think the quickest way to solve this would be to track the area under his nose, around his mouth, smile lines, and chin from a point where it faces the camera to either ends of the shot and then link another more refined roto shape for the bottom edge of the head and top of the neck to that mouth track for your final roto shape and tweak your shape from there. Make sure you check perspective tracking on when you track because his head is moving side to side.
If your track slips off, you may need to manually adjust the track for a few frames until it locks back on or find a better tracking surface, like possibly his whole face.
I’d make sure the roto shape went well past the areas around his head you don’t want the feathered edge contaminating (ears, hair, etc). Once you have your final roto shape you can then expand or feather that shape in your compositing program of choice to get the desired look and fill in that gray color over his body.