Help! :)

Ok so i need to track a logo on a person who is standing in the bg stationary with some movement. The camera move is from left to right which is great. A nice track for sure most of the shot.
Problem is a person walks in front of the subject and completely covers them for about 50 frames(long shot). Then proceeds to move away from the subject to completely reveal them.
I’m able to track it fine in the beginning and end but it’s that middle part I’m having trouble with. I key frame to guess where it should be and get close but then it completely throws the track off on the 2nd part when I initally had it solid. Any suggestions? Thanks!

You will need to hold the person out of the area you’re trying to track by tracing that person in a spline layer and placing that layer above your BG track layer.
It should work pretty well. Unless I am missing your meaning. Let me know if you have any questions.

Without seeing the shot, I’d say you want to try to use manual track to cover the obscured parts OR find a similar plane to track that is moving in a way that is like the area you are trying to track and moving the spline to that section.

I actually am holding them out and are above the tracking layer. It’s just when the holdout person moves out of the way the track fails.
So what I’m doing is tracking forward and backward the good parts. Then the covered parts last, hoping it will some how catch or interpolate. But still no success.
Any other suggestions?? Thanks!