Hi., I am using Mocha Pro. help with Blur face

Hi., I am using Mocha Pro on adobe. how do i blur out someone’s face after i have done the tracking? I want to blur out the people in the background face. i do all the tracking and it is fine but i get lost after that. I dont no how to blur someone face out. please can someone help

Hi, you have to duplicate your track, Mocha on the top track with your tracking splines,
on the track below add a blur, then in Mocha controls on the top track click Apply Matte, this will use your tracked splines as masks show the blurred track below, (I think that’s how in Adobe)

Mocha does not do the blur itself. You can export the tracked Mocha mask to your host and then fill it with a blur. OR both Continuum and Sapphire plugins have Mocha masking built into their blur filters.

Do you have a video explaining how to do this please?

If you’ve never used Mocha, we recommend watching the Essentials series: Boris FX | Training Series

If you have a completed tracked mask in Mocha (running in AE), exit the Mocha interface and select the create shape button. This converts your mocha shake to an AE mask. Then add a blur effect.

Hope this helps.