Highest Quality setting for BCC Pan and Zoom?

What would be the “best”/highest quality setting to choose from the drop down options for BCC Pan and Zoom?

For reference, I’m using some keyframing on x, y, rotation, and scale (from 90% up to 200%) on clips that are 4K inside of a 1080p project.


Unfortunately there is no universal answer since it can depend on the nature of your footage and on your settings, although the Magic Sharp option tends to be a good starting point. Firstly note that those options are only relevant when you’re zooming the content up beyond its original resolution. So if you’re not upscaling you will see little or no difference between them. Secondly, different options can look better on different types of content. The Magic Sharp option enhances edge detail, but in some cases it can appear overly sharp so the Magic Smooth option might then look more natural. In other cases the intermediate options can also give a more natural look, so we recommend starting with Magic Sharp but then experimenting with your specific clip.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I was thinking this would possibly involve some trial iand error. If I’m planning on doing sharpening after all my editing as part of color correction should I choose a different setting other than magic sharp as a start point? Thanks again.

Hard to say for sure - definitely recommend experimenting along the way. But I would guess that it would be better to keep at least some of the sharpness retained during Pan and Zoom rather than trying to bring it all back with later processing. Might be worth trying the intermediate Standard or Sharp modes in that approach to retain a medium level of detail up front.

Got it, I’ll give it some testing and let you know what I find. Thanks again!