Hitfilm 12

Is Mocha Pro OFX 5.6.0 compatible with Hitfilm Pro 12?

Yes - should be. Are you having any issues?

I can’t get it to turn up in the effects lists. Tried with the older Hitfilm 2017 and there it turns up but not in Hitfilm 12. I think there is something messed up with the Mocha installation after I tested Mocha 2019. Is there any installation cleaning utility available for Mocha 2019? For Mocha 5.X I have an utility called CleanMocha5All.exe that does this. Download from here https://www.borisfx.com/download_files/private/forcleaners/156221132/CleanMocha5All.exe

If you install Mocha Pro 2019, it would show up under the effects folder: Boris FX Mocha

If you install Mocha Pro 5.6, it is found under: Mocha by Imagineer Systems

Our QA team just confirmed, so if you are still not seeing it, you might want to open an official support case: https://borisfx.com/support/open-a-case/

Figured it out after some fiddling around. After cleaning everything Mocha from this folder C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\ofxPluginCache and re-installing the plugin, it finally showed up.