Hitfilm Pro Mocha File Cache Error Message


Can anyone tell me why I’m receiving this message? I uninstalled Hitfilm Pro three times thinking that it was an install error but still no luck. This message popped up when I first opened up the Mocha plug-in.


Does that directory exist on your system?
If it doesn’t, try creating it manually. Your system may be preventing Mocha from creating that folder.


Do you think it’s because of the compression with Windows 10? I have 4GB left and all my folders have those two inward pointing arrows attached to them.


Possibly, but it’s more likely that the directory just was denied being made but some other system process. The easiest thing is to just make the directory manually.

However, I’d recommend having more than 4GB free if you’re going to be doing any heavy work in HitFilm or Mocha.