Hmm.. Particle Illsion and MOCHA. How?

I’ve got a MOCHA sequence mask. I’m in Continuum FX Browser, now how do I apply any PI controls into that Mask? Working inside VP20.

Please point me to a Youtube and I’ll do the rest, mostly . . :laughing:

If you already have Mocha tracking something, Save that as Export project in the File dropdown option,

Add PI to your media in Vegas, open & add the particles of choice, double click to add them but don’t adjust them from centre of the PI screen
Bit hard to see but you can see the emitter is centre (on the white car in the driveway)

On the PI controls in Vegas choose Emitter (I already have Mocha tracking in Mocha applied in this pic)

When you pick Emitter the Mocha Motion Tracker will become active, open Mocha, If you already have a track you can Merge projects from the File tab top left,
Here i have a track for he man & a couple of masks for the grey car & a red car that passes later

Link Emitter Offset layer to the Mocha track that you imported/merged, in this case for me it’s ‘man’,
then move your Blue onscreen Emitter offset to where you want it, I’ve put it on his head, ignore the red circle tracking that came with the emitter because that will follow whatever you linked it to - ‘man’
(or you can just use that red circle to do tracking as normal if you don’t already have tracking done & a layer to link it to)

Back in Vegas the particle position will auto move to the postion you put it in Mocha,

If you move the Emitter from centre screen in Particle Illusion, you’ll have to use the Motion Tracker - Offset x/y in the Vegas fx controls window to position it

This one’s AE but the same applies for Vegas