Hold Frame Parameter in BCC Effects

Hey Peter (and Team),

I wanted to throw something out there, and see what your thoughts are. People always hear me say that BCC Linear Luma Key is my “go to” effect, and here’s why. We do a lot of French language versioning, and are always taking elements from English spots, and adding and altering them for the french version. Here is the perfect example.

What I do in this situation is adding BCC Linear Luma key to the endtag of this spot and crop the bottom elements, because I need to add them to the French spot, but change some of the English text to French. Here’s the thing, though, I have to freeze frame the tag on an ideal frame (bright text on dark BG), so I can pull the best luma key. Normally I freeze frame the best frame, do the key, and I’m set to go. To be honest, it’s a hassle to constantly freeze the fames in AE, and what would be ideal is if the BCC effect itself gave me the option to choose a frame to hold on, so I can save myself six steps, by having to do this in AE, or even my NLE, as I’m using this same method in both MC and AE. Is this something that’s possible? Let me know if you need clarification on the workflow, and I can post more. Thanks.


Hey Kevn,

Great suggestion - I believe Sapphire has a filter called Freeze Frame that might fit the bill. Could you give that a shot for us please and let us know if it does the trick?



Hey Peter,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it doesn’t. It works more like this…

Freezes motion for each duration of Freeze Frames.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11…

the output frames would be:
1 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 11…

What I’m looking for would be more of a “Hold Current Frame” button that you can click, and the effect would hold on that frame, and let me do the work I need to do, without having to do it as a 4-6 step process in Avid or AE. Thanks.


I see. WIth that, perhaps we could create a new filter that is based on Velocity Remap and Dropout Fixer. Velocity Remap will hold any frame for eternity (didn’t think of this when I suggested S_FreezeFrame) and Dropout Fixer has a feature where you can click a button in the filter and the current frame in the timeline is passed up to the filter to address the dropout.

So user could apply the filter, go to the desired frame, click hold frame (or something like that) and that would set the frame for the filter to hold. Is this what you’re looking for?

Hey Peter,

That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Would make working on projects like this a million times easier!


Great … I’ve entered this into our database as a feature request with your name on it. Thanks for the suggestion Kevin.