Hold out matte/spline from roto

Hi, i have this project tracked in Mocha Pro, i copied the shapes to the Tracker & then copied to Roto,
I drew a white box around the pill box & tracked using one of the tracked layers,
this is a project i use for experiment & learning, i’ve used it many times & the finger should be held out,
the white line i drew around the box is on top of everything else but can i add a node or something that will make it obey the finger track that is set to subtract,
I’ve tried quite a few random nodes with the purple tab to Obey Matte & everything i can is set to obey aplha?

Move the subtract shape into the tracked layer and place it at the top of shapes you want to subtract from.

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Thanks, yep that’s what i thought, it’s the way it’s set up/created in Mocha Pro,

but when i do that it does omit from the layer above but doesn’t affect the painted line,

I set it up again in case there was a glitch but it looks the same

I drew the white line around the box with the paint node, it doesn’t have a Obey Matte purple outlet,
so i feel their should be a matte/roto between the paint & Outlet …?

The Paint node does not have an Obey Matte input like the other nodes because of the way it works. Instead, enable Obey Alpha in the Paint tab:
Now, when you paint, the stroke will only show up within the input alpha. If you select Invert Alpha, the strokes will only appear outside the alpha.

Thanks i’ll try that, but i did get a solution, i added another Roto with the finger trk added to it :man_shrugging: so occluding the white painted part layering the finger on top i think

Love n hate this initial learning part, frustrating & then rewarding when a solution is found, Loving all the Boris stuff Thanks.

Cool that works, it only painted in the box spline & omitted the finger, I want to paint on the edge of the box, half on half off, but the spline restricted it as i told it to do, that was expected,

so I increased the blur on the box perimeter to enlarge it a bit & inc the paint stroke width but that gave it a feather edge

So i added another box spline slightly larger in the same folder, that worked well,
but last question, I’m pretty sure i heard/saw in one of Ben’s vids where he change the size over all the keyframes when he changed just one frame, a bit like the Uber key in Mocha? do you know the shortcut keyboard for that? I could just increase my box spline then instead of creating another.

This is what i was aiming for, to create a white border that I could use Particle Illusion to emit Alpha from layer. I added sparkles :grin:
it’s a ‘nothing’ vid, just practice,
Thankyou, i learnt a lot along the way :+1:

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You can use Silhouette’s MultiFrame tool in the Roto node to adjust all keyframes simultaneously over a specified range: https://borisfx.com/documentation/silhouette/#page/silhouette-2021.5/nodes-roto#ww1556461

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Thankyou, that was spot on, easy to use & worked a treat :+1::+1: