Host render times are very long

Hi, maybe I’m expecting too much from this but I thought I’d ask anyway. I have literally only just started testing Mocha as I was getting fed up with Avid’s built in tools and wanted something more elegant.
I had a quick test of the remove module today on a 5 second long clip 6K RED file. After some messing around I managed to get a good remove and closed Mocha to exit back in to Media Composer. Then from the Module Renders drop down I chose Remove and clicked render. Avid then tells me that rendering this 5 second long remove is going to take 1 hour and 10 mins. Is this really how long it takes? I realise it’s a 6K clip but over an hour for 5 seconds doesn’t seem right?

I’m also a bit confused about why I have to render the remove in Mocha but then re-render it again inside the host when I close the plugin? Sorry this is such a newbie question but is this how I should be doing it? I feel like I’m being very inefficient and I’m certain I haven’t grasped something. Is anyone able to explain the best way to remove something then get back to Avid with the least amount of render time?


The are some suggestions to speed up your remove:

  1. Check the frames before and after setting in remove module. The higher the number, the longer a remove will take to analyze all of these frames. Sometimes you can get a good remove, but do not need to use all the frames in the clip. If your clip is very long and the settings are looking at all the frames, definitely a reason for slow render.

  2. Generate and save a clean plate. To avoid search through every frame, you can try the generate clean plate method. This video describes how to save a use one clean render frame as a clean plate and use clean plates exclusively. 10X Faster Object Removal with Mocha Pro and Mocha VR - YouTube

  3. Render and export in Mocha, not in Avid. You do not need to render twice. The render in Mocha interface is a preview while working in the plugin, however, Media Composer can be slow as a Mocha host for this specific module. You can render while in Mocha, instead of exiting, export your rendered clip to file. Then link the rendered clip back into Avid and replace or cut above.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Ross I will give this a try.