Host support

The fact that particles in Particle Illusion are now rendered in 3D space is a huge upgrade. Is there any chance of either Hitfilm or Fusion becoming hosts to take advantage of this for people who don’t use AE? Thanks!

If the hosts have an API for their 3D cameras that we can access, it’s a possibility. Not all hosts do though… and I’m not sure if OFX plugins have access to the camera…

PI has a built-in camera that you can animate, although I know it’s not the same.

They will eventually released the free standalone version i believe

Thanks, Alan. I posted in the Hitfilm forum about the standalone version and it generated quite a bit of interest. As a host plugin, it could be used in fully rendered 3D environments with 3D models using the user-friendly Particle Illusion interface. On my wish list. :grinning: