Hotkeys not working after using auto-paint


I’m not sure if this has been brought up. Currently using 2020.5.6. Every time after I use auto paint, all my hotkeys will not work. I had to save my work by going File > Save Project or Rendering my session to get it back to work. Is there a fix for this?

On my Linux machine, I am able to succesfuly use keyboard shortcuts after auto-painting.

Are you using a pen/tablet or mouse? If using a pen/tablet, does using the mouse make a difference?

We do have an open issue where keyboard shortcuts with the NumPad on Linux is not working. Are you trying to use the NumPad?

Hey Marco,

Im using a wacom tablet. But its all the hotkeys I was referring to. Just won’t work until I save or render the session. Really strange event.

What keyboard shortcuts are you trying to use after auto painting?

After auto painting, does clicking somewhere on the Silhouette user interface and then using a keyboard shortcut work?

Are you using a dual monitor setup? If so, does running Silhouette in a single monitor configuration solve the problem?

I remember there being a similar issue but after using the Mocha Tracker in an older version of Silhouette. I can’t remember exactly what was causing it but somethings telling me it was due to Silhouette automatically switching to the pan tool or a selection tool after the process was complete which was making the entire interface inactive. Not sure if this is the same issue or not but clicking on another tool or hitting the space bar to come out of pan mode would sometimes flick it back to life

Could an editable text field be becoming active after the procedure? This would cause it to eat all events until you press Tab or click in the Viewer.

Hey Marco, shortcuts like “z” and “x” to move to the next frame, “Ctrl+s” to save the project, “Ctrl+r” to render the session. All gets disabled.

I am currently using a single monitor configuration as well.

After auto painting, does clicking somewhere on the Silhouette user interface and then using a keyboard shortcut work?

Unfortunately no. So far I only tried to save a project or render the session, then all the hotkeys started working again.

We are taking a look at this on our QA machines to see if we can replicate.

We are unable to replicate the problem on our Linux machines.

Can you provide me with the exact Linux distribution and version you are using? We will then install the same version.

Hey @marco,

Sorry for the late reply. It’s a custom CentOS 7.4 build.

Are you using a custom Python install? If so, can you provide the version and details?

Have you customized the Silhouette run script? If so, how has it been customized?

If it can help, I got the same kind of problems at my shop and it came from some libraries from python 2.7 that Silhouette was trying to load. After removing them, everything went back to normal. I’m not sure if it is related though.