Hi people! :smiley: :raised_hands: I’m trying to do “Mesh Tracking” in a video in which my subject, at a specific moment, turns his head to look at the camera. And I have noticed that when doing Mesh Tracking automatically when it detects the rotation movement of the head, it gets annoyed and does not correctly track the entire path of the rotating head.

And I think he gets annoyed because I start the Mesh Tracking in the position where his head has not yet turned to the camera, and I suppose that the A.I of the Mesh Tracking did not expect that the subject would suddenly turn his head.

Therefore, I would like to know how in “Mocha Pro 2022.5”, I can do a manual adjustment frame by frame to adjust the X-Spline with the Mesh that it generates. Cause I want to track the minimum movements of the facial features too ??

Since the A. I of The Mesh Tracking fails instantly to detect the rotational movement of the head.

Things that I tried to do (but they FAILED) :

• Start track in the middle of the action when the head has already done 50 % of the rotation. (FAILED)

• Start tracking from End to Beginning (FAILED)

Thank you so much in advance to anyone that can help me! :smiling_face:

Footage of the trying.

Did you tried “Edit Track Mesh” feature? The tutorial that might be helpful for you


However, what is your final goal for the shot? Do you want to put something to the side of his face? Or do you want to fully track his head? If latter, the PowerMesh is probably not the right tool for that. It is designed to track the sub-planar surfaces (such as cloth, skin, etc.), but that’s not 3D object tracker

My final goal is to be able to track all the head an then transfer that tracking data to an still image oh her without facial features.

And I’m getting that tracking data cause i wanna make that the still image has life thanks to the tracking data.

Is an effect of “NO FACIAL FEATURES”

So, then you need to track the face, but not the side of the head. Start from frame where the face is most visible, and track backwards. Due to rotation, you would need to do manual adjustments to the mesh, using the tool that i mentioned before. And don’t draw so detailed shape around the head. Instead, try with the very rough shape or a simple ellipse. The tutorial above should be useful