How can I edit out orange tips of airsoft guns in video editing?


I know it’s illegal to remove orange tips off of air soft guns, that’s why I want to know how I can edit them out with an editing system. Chroma keying won’t work and I can’t find anything that can help. I know some of today’s film makers probably have the money to buy REAL guns but I doubt they really do just for a movie.


I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

This might be old but I’ll answer anyway.

I found most guns on the television shows and feature films to be real. the fake ones were usually only if it was in the bokeh of the background.

Anyway, to remove the tips, have you tried just tracking the tip of the gun and then applying secondaries in a color correction application? You could go into premiere and just highlight color, and expand the range a little, and because it would be contained in a mask, it would only effect the area your working on.

Try BCC 11 Primatte or Resolve 3D keyer.


A keyer might be best like tal auggests, but barring that mocha roto for color correction could also work.

Alternately, you could simply put black gaffer tape on the plastic end before you shoot as long as you are on private property and everyone knows you are having a video production shoot at the moment. This is not something you can do on a “guerrilla” shoot though, as it’s dangerous.