How can I make particles rotate, tumble, spin randomly in PI like this?

at 1:14 , thanks!

Hello, is there any suggestion? :thinking:

I’m am amateur at this. What I can tell you is the emitter { Healing Magic 1 } has similar spinning motions associated with the particles. I suspect clues lie in the setting associated with those particles.
Healing magic 1

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply.
But if you change the leaf to square particle, you will find it can only make spin. Can’t make rotate and tumble. 1

Choose particles with the Red button that look like a play button.They will tumble

Hello, that’s because those particle is video with animation. But these video particle is infrequent. And because they are video animation, there is no parameters to control their play speed to control rotate and tumble’s speed.

The most other particles are still image. I have my own customized flower png particles, and want to make all customized png particles rotate, tumble, spin. Does PI have rotate, tumble, spin parameters?

Wow, found an emitter to do that : Autumn Leaves


But it seems there is no parameters to change rotate, tumble. :expressionless:

PI doesn’t have rotate, spin, tumble parameters for particle shapes. The only way to do that is to animate the particle shape and import that animated sprite.

Hello, Why Autumn Leaves 3 1 can do rotate, spin, tumble while no parameters to control.

The Autumn Leaves 3 emitter is not really don’t full rotate, spin, tumble. It is using the Size Y Over Life control to shrink and grow the Y dimension over the life of the particle to simulate the leaves turning sideways to the view. Click on the Size Y Over Life param and look at the keyframe graph for it. Support for full rotate, spin, tumble is planned for future versions.


Wow, thanks!
And can I make rotate, spin, tumble in BCC Particle Emitter 3D with my customised png? My host is VEGAS Pro 18.0.

If you use BCC Particle Emitter 3D instead of BCC Particle Illusion, then, yes, you can access particle rotate/spin/tumble, but only for certain particle types. For Particle Emitter 3D in Vegas you would need to apply the effect to the custom particle PNG itself. Then set the Particles->Particle Shape menu to Cards 3D. Set Particles->Image Layer to Source. Now you have particles in the shape of your custom png. Then you can animate the particles including rotate/spin/tumble under the Transform Particle group.

That’s great!
Also looking forward to future PI’s rotate, spin, tumble feature!