How can i remove kiter rider from the wave?

Hello! I am looking after your inventions in Planar Tracking technologies. Its so interesting! So here is question regarding it. Please get look at attached file and tell if it possible to delete kiter from this image? We didn’t find any lessons for case like this one. Would be interesting to see lesson on this subje

watch video here: https:






Hi there, removing this guy over water might work if we got a good track on the water, but water doesn’t always move in a “planar” way. I think you could get about 75-80% there in the remove tool, and fix any errors with patches and roto.

You’d have to roto the FG wind surfer. (Keep in the top layer)
Garbage matte the BG guy. (keep in the 2nd layer)
Track the wave. (in the l3rd layer)
Track the water surface. (on the bottom layer)
Join those two water tracks with the “join layers” tool.
Select the BG guy and select interpolate lighting mode.
Remove the BG guy.
Fix any errors with patches from different parts of the wave.

If you are able to use mocha to remove this guy over water, it’s because the wave pixels are all moving in the same direction, that’s “planar.” It won’t remove if the water is boiling in a fractal way.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.