How can I track in Mocha Pro this situation? (unveiling a wound)

The scene which I want to solve is here: Dropbox - test.mp4 - Simplify your life

From the first frame until frame 42 that wound is not tracked. After frame 42 until the end it is tracked (using Mocha Pro for AE - see the image below).

But in the scene, that part I am tracking using Mocha it is covered in the beginning…so I am not tracking it…I don’t know how to proceed to track that section (either using Mocha or something else in AE).

Any ideas how to approach this? (except the manual moving that wound layer and hope to match the movement of the individual)

This is a great time to use Manual Track. Hand animate using Manual Track where the object isn’t visible.

Do I have to use manual track from start to finish? Or can I use it for that portion where it is not tracked already? meaning can I combine what I already have with manual track?
I’ll have to look on your Youtube channel to see if I find a tutorial how to use manual track.

Well, I tried to do what I have seen in your video here: How to Motion Track Occluded Objects: Mocha Tips - YouTube
And also here: Mocha AE Manual Track Tutorial | Track Difficult Shots in After Effects - YouTube
But it doesn’t seem to work, or I don’t know how to start making it work :frowning: …help please?

You can always switch to manual track and back to regular tracking. You have to keyframe manual track on the last good frame before you start moving the manual track or it will not work properly.

That’s what I tried to do but it doesn’t seem to work…still I don’t get how can I track something which is occluded…and I don’t have anything on the same plane to track to (because the entire plane is occluded - see the video).

You’re not tracking. You’re hand animating areas you can’t track between areas you can track.