How create multiple spline in a layer?

hi, how can i create a layer with multiple spline that doesn’t cut each other, everytime i add spline into existing layer , if the spline overlap with existing one , it will cut the hole inside. How to avoid this ?
another question : i got a static scene (static background with moving fg). i want to use the remove module. By tracking the bg layer first , i have no problem removing fg. But my question is : this is the static scene, why do i need to track it even it’s static ? if i don’t do tracking the bg , the remove module won’t work. so i have to track it first to make it work, but again my scene is static , why should i track something that’s static , well i don’t want to track it coz i can save my time doing something else. Any solution ?

  1. That is the way splines on the same layer work by default. If you would prefer to have overlapping mattes you will need to create a separate layer
  2. The remove module needs to track the background regardless of motion. Even locked off shots have slight jitter, noise and other artefacts which can impact removal. Having said that however, we are going to provide an option in future than doesn’t require you to track a locked off shot to do the removal for the exact reason you mentioned.