How do delete a group of keys? What's the Switch Button to see before and after removal

Track and render keys. To left to the right and selected ones?

Is there a switch Button to see before and after removal?

I can’t find anything in help. The help is useless

You have to delete keys in the dope sheet OR you can do it one by one with keyframe controls on the timeline OR delete all the keys with that same tool. If you need a specific section deleted, use the dope sheet. :slight_smile:

I tried but I saw no keys in the dope sheet.

Mary you really need to add such simple tools to control such simple things on the timeline.
Why can’t I select those things on the timeline?! There should a tool for that.
Select and delete
delete everything to the left or to the right

I can let @martinb know the feature request but if the keys are not in the dope sheet there’s a bigger problem than the dope sheet. Can you show me a screenshot of your dope sheet?

Found the keys LOL the problem was when I scaled up or down the timeline in the dopesheet it doesn’t narrow on the marker / current frame. That should be fixed.

I will let @martinb know, thank you. And yes, we agree and have some wish lists for the dope sheet we keep trying to stack into the development queue.