How do I add Subtitles

How in the world do I add subtitles in Avid with this plugin?

Can you explain exactly what you want to achieve inside Avid? I personally have never done subtitles in Avid, so if you can explain your process slightly I can suggest the next step.

Mocha VR allows feeding an insert clip to the layer below, so if you can feed your subtitles to the layer below you source footage you may be able to do this. It may have to be nested in order to be treated like a clip, but again, i’m not familiar with how subtitles are applied in Avid. :slight_smile:

Your easier bet would be using the Boris FX VR insert tools to do this, they’re made for subtitles. But the Mocha VR insert works in a similar way, as Martin says, simply use your subtitles layer the “insert layer.” The Boris FX VR Tools are available on our website.