How do i apply the stabilization to DR18?

Hi, i just got mocha pro today and im kind of getting frustrated with how confusing its been to actually apply some of the stuff to davinci resolve. At the moment im stuck trying to stabalize a simple shot. I tracked it in mocha, then rendered the stabilization, then i copy to clip board and the paste the tracker node in fusion but when I insert it between the media in node and the media out node nothing happens. I changed the setting to corner positioning but again nothing happens. I was able to see it stabilize in mocha but nothing happens in Davinci.

Have you tried rendering the Stabilize Module? This way you can avoid dealing with data.
I would advise applying Mocha Pro in the Fusion page, tracking, and then set your setting in the Stabilize Module. Then set your Mocha plugin to render the stabilize module.

This series on Mocha > Fusion might be useful for you.