How do I change 32bit to 16bit using the cleanplate Remove module?

When Im in Fusion/Resolve and load Mocha Pro ofx, I want to use a cleanplate to retouch in photoshop. But when I open in photoshop the image is much brighter and in 32bit resolution?

Is Photoshop applying it’s own color profile to the image? You should be able to change your image output preferences in Mocha Preferences too.

I get to choice adobeRGB 1998 and sRGB…thats the only option.

What format are you saving the image in? TIFF or EXR?

I can only save as tiff.

OK, I have to do some research and find out what’s going on here. Check and make sure Photoshop isn’t applying an alpha oddly, just in case, because I have seen it do that sometimes.

Can you also check and see if you can assign colorspace values manually in the clip tab and see if that helps you?

I will see if this is a defect.


Can you let me know what version of Resolve and what version of Mocha exactly you are using? On what OS and what version of Photoshop?

MacOS High Sierra V.10.13.6
Resolve Studio
Mocha Pro Plugin 2019 V. 6.0.3

Seems that when I created a cleanplate from Mocha it gets much brighter, just by looking at it in the finder.

The image is from mocha and photoshop
. see how photoshop is much brighter?

Yes, I have seen this before, just trying to track down either the fix or log it as a bug.

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Hey, I got it to work when I only use it as a plugin on a node in Resolve.
But in Fusion it doesn’t work.

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OK, that helps to narrow it down. Thank you. Make sure the colorspace in Fusion isn’t set to something weird or again that it isn’t doing a weird premult to the image. Nuke sometimes does the same thing, I have seen, if you don’t set the comp color space correctly.

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Just to be clear, I don’t use Fusion or Nuke, but I am a Mac user. Don’t judge what a high-end image, or complicated PDF file looks like by only hitting spacebar in the Finder. The Finder isn’t set up to view files like Photoshop or Acrobat using deep colorspace, profiles LUTs, etc.

Just thought I’d throw that into the mix. Good luck.

Before you jump down this rabbit hole, be aware that:

  1. Mocha 2019 v6.0.3 and earlier does not support Resolve
  2. Mocha 2019.5 when it is released (currently in beta at the time of writing) will only support Resolve 16 and up.

I’m not sure what the Resolve 15 color space will do to the OFX image data for Mocha 2019 as we haven’t tested it thoroughly for the above reason.

By default we always save out the highest bit depth and resolution available for a clean plate.

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