How do I completely remove BCC?

I posted this in uncategorized too but try here as well. I have trouble with my BCC9 and elements from BCC11. It suddenly turned into trial mode/unlicensed and it didn’t accept any attempt to activate. Boris Support asked me to uninstall Boris, reinstall and try again. However Someting caused BCC9 to not being able to be uninstalled and so the new downloaded BCC9 wouldnt install since it detects a previous version. So I tried to manually delete all files and folders pertaining to Boris on the PC but still BCC9 detects the previous version installed.
Now for several days support hasn’t answered.
My question is: How do I completely remove BCC so that I can reinstall it?

This is really something that needs to go through support. After those manual file changes you will likely need a “cleaner file” which would be provided by support to help reset everything to a clean state. Note you cannot have BCC9 and BCC11 installed at the same time (for the same host platform). Only one version of Continuum can be installed at a time for a given host. It sounds like your original problems might have come from trying to mix the two versions, but hard to say for sure. Please try to recontact support and I will also re-raise your issue with them.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I think you’re right. I would need some kind of “cleanup” program. I had contact with support about this issue and got two replies from them earlier but since monday they haven’t said a word. Didi they drop the case?

I suggest recontacting Support directly. I also re-forwarded your issue to them as well just to be sure.

You mean to start a new support ticket?

Support says they have emailed you directly with details on how to clean your install. Please let us know if you didn’t receive that email.


Thanks. True I got a reply from them now with extensive instructions on how to do it. Right now I’m on the run over the weekend but Monday I will dive into it. Thanks again for helping.

I wonder, if I completely remove all Boris installations successfully, then I want to reinstall BCC9 and the elements from BCC11 I got with Vegas Pro 15. How will that be possible, do you know?


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As I mentioned before, it is unfortunately NOT possible to have BCC9 and BCC11 (even just units) installed at the same time on the the same host. You could have say BCC 9 for Adobe and BCC 11 for Vegas since they use different API’s. But for just one host (or more technically just one API version like OFX/AVX/Adobe) you can only have one version of Continuum installed at a time. If you want to be able to run the full Continuum product including the BCC11 unit you will need to upgrade your BCC9 to BCC11. I suggest calling the Boris FX Sales team and discussing with them what the upgrade options are given that you have the full BCC9 but the BCC11 Vegas unit.

Ok, I understand. That is unfortunate but the reality of things. I’ll ask them about that. Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.

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Hi again!
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Hi, Martin,

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What I tried to explain was that today I followed all instructions from support and deleted everything they listed. However, Boris BCC9 still appears in the Programs and Features list but repairing or removing it doesn’t work. It still says it can’t find the source file and without it the program can’t be removed. I tried browsing it to the original BCC9 installation package and also to the new one I got from Boris support and I downloaded, but that won’t work either.
Even after running all the cleaner files they send as administrator the problem is still there.

I am thinking the different Boris versions really messed up the registry and perhaps I need to reformat the entire system hard drive, completely cleaning it of everything, then reinstall the OS with its SP and all programs I need, including email, the Adobe program package, Vegas, Boris, NewBlue, Hitfilm, Sapphire, and everything, as well as drivers. It will take a whole day or two but if it’s necessary I could do it.
Do you also think that will be the only solution now?

Hi, Martin,

It really shouldn’t be necessary to wipe the drive.

You can free up programs that won’t fully uninstall by using this Microsoft cleaner tool:

I don’t know if Support already sent that to you, but if not, try running that tool and follow the steps for Uninstaller problems. It will take a minute to scan and then you can choose the Continuum 9 / BCC9 item to cleanup. Then try reinstalling from scratch.

If that doesn’t work please follow up with support again and chat with them directly about the problem you’re still seeing. They should be able to walk you through removing the old install without the need to wipe the drive.

Hey, I think the Microsoft cleaner tool did the trick! At least now BCC9 is gone from the Programs and Features list. Thanks so much! Support hasn’t said anything since friday. But this was probably the solution.

I haven’t reinstalled BCC9 yet because I also need the BCC11 units. Since they can’t live together I have to think first. I guess the best would be if I got the upgrade to the full BCC11 or BCC2019. But its a lot of buck for the bang. Or is it bang for the buck…? :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks again for your help. Now we’re on our way.


Glad to hear that worked for you!