How Do I Customize Optics (2022.5.2) Workspace?

I’m using a Win 11 Pro desktop PC (if that’s relevant).

I mostly work with Optics as a Photoshop (2023) plugin. But periodically work standalone too.

I have the most current rel. of Optics.

How do I customize the Optics workspace? @Ross_Shain

I want to rearrange where the panels are located (ie, Presets above Parameters, Histogram shrunk & at lower left - the rest to stay where it is). I’ve tried dragging & dropping with no luck - the panels I move just spring out to fill spaces I don’t want them to (even if I hit the minimize size icons top right of the panel). I tried going to Workspace & naming a space then dragging - no good either.

Would appreciate a pointer(s). I already checked the PDF User Guide & only see explanations of what each of the tools do. Not how to rearrange the workspace in that doc (which would be very helpful!).

Thx in advance!

I figured it out!

I used Workspace > Edit, then Workspace > New to name the custom workspace. Have got it how I want it now.

Thx anyway!

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