How do i do this rotate solid in this manner

Check video.

I am trying to figure out how this is done. So many solids doing this manually will take a lot of time, is there a plugin that will do this.

1:set amount of boxes
2:: rotate or spin or do other stuff within the plugin.

I’d check out continuum particle illusion or title studio and set yourself a template up. You can also do this kind of thing with transitions. It would require getting a bit creative but I think that would be an avenue to explore. Not sure Mocha is going to get you there though. You could try a corner pin offset animation to do something like this but you’d need a lot of corner pins.

Hi mary first of all I want to thank you for all the help you’re providing to everybody and making all these nice tutorials Mary is is there any plug-in that does that

I am so glad you like the tutorials.

I am not sure there’s a plugin that does exactly what you’re looking for out of the box but the suggestions I gave you might work with some setup from you. I can also ask some colleagues. Let me ping @rosss here because he knows quite a bit more about options for mograph than I do or @PeterMcAuley who is the king of all things Continuum.

Your tutorials and marts are very good and on to the point very detailed I like it.
I wish you can make tutorial tracking and removing logo of airplane.

I can do it using mocha and after effects but I will like you to make a video I hope you can spare some time to make it please!!!. We learn from what you provide and your skills are being passed on like memory thanks

Thanks a lot. Yes I can probably do this using your guide am not home now but I will like others to share they tips and tricks.

Creating say 40 solids and doing all these manually can take a lot of time.

But how about this will this work.
I create one solid and do the animation get that all set up spinning and moving and once I see this working I can duplicated that and make layers and do little bit manual working just moving and aligning them.?