How do I fix a jittery dolly back shot?

I have a shot in which the camera pulls back from the subject, but since I wasn’t using a track (I have wheels on my tripod—my budget didn’t allow for a real dolly w/ track) it gets bumped a bit and the zoom out isn’t smooth. The stabilizer seems like it would only help with the camera getting bumped, but I’m not sure how to get it to recognize that the camera is zooming out… Any advice is welcome!

We can stabilize zoom. Or we can choose not to in the stabilize module by making sure that option is unchecked. However, if you have rolling shutter issues and blur from the bumps to the camera, locking the shot down totally is not going to look good. You might have to experiment with the “smoothing” frames to find something that keeps some of that motion, like a value of 5 or 6, and see if that helps.

Best of luck with your shot! We actually have a new tutorial for stabilize that might help you. Boris FX | Stabilize Difficult Shots with Mocha for Adobe Premiere Pro (The host doesn’t matter, if you’re not using premiere, the techniques are the same.)