How do I fix a shaky tracking shot?

I have a shot I took on a skate dolly that ended up hitting a few bumps as it rolled along. I’m a bit new to Mocha, but it seems to stabilize a shot I need to create points on a non-moving object that remains on screen throughout the shot—however, as it is a tracking shot, any such objects leave the frame pretty quickly. I’ve been attempting to use multiple references that overlap in time (the skate rolls across a tiled floor, so I can attach one set to the leftmost tile until it leaves the right-hand side of the screen, then do the same with the leftmost tile once the first tile has made it halfway across, then repeat for the rest of the timeline). But it seems like it’s just getting too complicated. Any advice?

I’d need to see the shot in question, but you can unlink the track from the shape for longer tracks.
Do you have any consistent planes in the sequences, such as floor, ceiling walls etc?