How do I get back my cleaned plate into M5?

OK, directions, please, on how I get back my cleaned plate into M5? I have used my Graphics package and removed the offending item and I already have a Tracked X-Pline ready to introduce it.



Hi there, if you saved the cleanplate out of the remove tab, it will not need to be reimported, it is automatically linked.

However, if you need to bring a new plate in you can go to the remove tab and where you set the cleanplate clip on the left is an edit button, in the pop up window you can hit the file folder button and navigate to your cleanplate. Be sure to set the cleanplate from ALL to the frame number you need the cleanplate to match.

That should be all you need to do.


Hi Mary,

I took a full frame from my video and corrected that in my Corel. When I bring it it is tiny inside my X-Pline. I have no idea what I’ve done wrong, but I’m making a complete dogs dinner out of the workflow. I shouldn’t be let loose on this remarkable software.



You probably used it as an insert clip instead of the cleanplate clip. You need to use it in the remove module under edit cleanplate and navigate to it.

I had done exactly that. I must still be doing something wrong.

In the insert clip in layer properties, set the value to none. Go into your clip tab and delete any clips but the original footage. Any inserts or cleanplates. Then try to reimport the clip by going into the remove tab and trying again.

Mary, it is not a clip it is JPG Still, a still that I captured via VegasPro from the beginning of the Clip. I’ve removed the Plug Socket and made the surface as good as I can get it.

Any length of footage is called a clip in mocha, even one frame. The clip tab is a place to delete those clips. Can you do that?

Mary, I am sinking fast, and, without trace. I need instructions on how to place inside a tracked X-Spline an alternative JPG. Presently I’ve got a tiny version of the FULL frame inside the Tracked X-Spline.



OK, starting over.

Stage 1: African Elephant in Etosha with Pond to left:

Stage 2 : COREL Prepared Pond Gone

How do I get my prepared clip inside my Tracked X-Spline so it will substitute the area of that Pond?



Hi Graham,

Have you watched this tutorial? It goes over all the nitty gritty of the cleanplate and remove process: Boris FX | Getting Started with Mocha – 10 – Remove Module

Our documentation goes over the process in depth: Boris FX | Mocha V5.5.2 User Guide

But essentially, this is the workflow:

  1. Track your puddle with a large shape.
  2. Make a smaller shape around your puddle and link it to the BG puddle track in layer properties.
  3. Select your small FG puddle shape.
  4. Click the remove tab.
  5. Import a clip by selecting import from the cleanplate dropdown. Click EDIT cleanplate.
  6. Click the folder icon and load your cleanplate in.
  7. Set the frame number of the cleanplate.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click render.

It should be that simple, you do not need to load the cleanplate into the insert clip ever, nor do you need to change the input. I am not sure where you’re going sideways, but if you keep having trouble, email me and we will have to schedule a meetup online to sort you out.


Mary, thank you. I’ve looked at many many tutorials. Whether I’ve read or watched the ones you reference I’ll need to review them and answer you tomorrow.

A puddle! Shock and horror.

G’Morning ( for me :wink: . . . ) Mary,

OK, I’ve done Steps 1>4 and got to the Remove Tab. But I do not see an EDIT option:

Hi Graham,

Here you go.

Select import from the dropdown, then load in your clip. Select edit to examine the clip.

Mary, thank you for your time and patience with me.


I am not aware of a Tutorial that would have lead me to your successful result. If you know of the Tutorial that describes this, I would most certainly watch it.

Q1: Should I be seeing a Preview of the JPG? What should I be seeing when I highlight the JPG and activate “Preview”?

Q2: Where and how do I activate the Feathering? Back in VegasPro15 I’ve tried the various Layer Select options and have increased Feather too. Look closely, there is an ugly sharp edge to the Removed Pond:

OK, at the base of all my misunderstandings is that what I’m wanting to achieve is a straightforward removal of a mostly static area. I now fundamentally understand just where and how MOCHA excels, that movement can create replacement pixels.

Hi again!

The best tutorials for remove are the following, we have a video series on the basics of the remove tool, part 1, 2, and 3:

You can also watch the Mocha “getting started” and “fundamentals” training series to really understand what Mocha is doing: Boris FX | Videos

Q1: Should I be seeing a Preview of the JPG? What should I be seeing when I highlight the JPG and activate “Preview”? You will only see the preview on the frame you have the cleanplate on, so on this, frame 1.

Q2: Where and how do I activate the Feathering?
You have to apply the matte to apply a feather, it’s the checkbox above feathering. Alternately, you can do this in mocha under layer properties by tying a number into “edge width” on the left side of the screen and clicking the "+
" button.

I am glad you have a better understanding of what is going on, if you have any more questions I am happy to help you.


Mary, whilst those are mighty fine tutorials by Martin, and one, the fish, I previously referenced to you, it was your instructive observation that here, with the example of a locked-off camera and talking head, I wouldn’t be able to use it as there would be no pixels that could replace a void are

Neither of those options work as a feathering for the edge.

Please advise.

Clear your cache in mocha and in your host, the feathering inside of mocha should have been extremely obvious and should have fixed the issue. Unless your track isn’t rock solid, in which case, it might not fix the issue.

OK, I’ll give it a go. There’s no Cache in VegasPro. If there is, how do I clear it?

There is a cache. (Tips) Clean up of Vegas Temp files

So in Vegas Pro: Options>Preferences>‘General’ Tab>near bottom is Temporary files folder,
Make a note of where that is.

IMPORTANT: make sure you have all projects saved, and close Vegas Pro.

    • In Windows Explorer, go to that directory, DELETE EVERYTHING, all files and all directories under there.
    • *Set: If you feel uneasy on Deleting this - copy them first to other place - for safety purpose.
    • If you’ve never done this there could be thousands of files under there.
    • Those are all of the saved projects when Vegas Pro crashes, all of the temp files it creates, etc.
    • I do this when Vegas Pro appears to have gone a lot of trouble.
    • See if that helps, any of the temp files it needs, it will recreate when you start Vegas Pro again, so the next startup might take a bit longer than usual.