How do I get Mocha to respect the clip edit length?

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before.

I place the effect for Mocha (Either Mocha Pro or a BCC Remove with Mocha Tracking) and open the interface, but it shows the timeline as the entire clip from the media pool instead of the segment that is in my edit (timeline/the clip itself).

How do I get it to respect my in and out points per clip?

Hey, what host are you in? Is that AE? in case you want to trim footage, and do not work with full length, you should put it inside a precomp and choose “move all atribbutes” and trim to in/out markers

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I have AE so I might try that. Do you have any tips for Resolve?

Yes. Use mocha OFX only in Fusion page. After you trim your clip on timeline, right click on it and choose “open in fusion composition”. Then you can connect Mocha node. Does it loads only the desired range this way?

Works for me! Thanks.

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@elizabeth.postol Hi again, I tried making the same result in Silhouette and it doesn’t seem to follow the same way if I use the fusion page. Any idea what I can do?

I can make a new thread in the right section if need be.

That’s weird. Are you sure you’re following all the steps correctly?
Here i recorded short demo. I recorded using Mocha here, but it should work the same with Silhouette.