How do I make Silhouette paint faster?

I think sometimes silhouette can be painfully slow, and i have tried some things to make it paint faster but no luck. So i decided to ask experts here.

How can I make it paint faster to save time?

The short answer is no, there is not currently a way to speed up Auto Paint. Each stroke is painted in real time and the speed is variable based on the amount of strokes. We are experimenting with different methods to speed it up though.


Ok thanks. Looks like there’s nothing I can do.

Uhmm When I use the plugin, the input clip is usually 8-bit depth, instead of 16bit depth. Is there a way I can change that. I want avoid banding. Changing session settings doesnt change that.

In the Silhouette plug-in, the source is displaying as 8 bit, but retains the original bit depth. This is a display bug and a fix is planned.

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