How do I remove dolly tracks on a VR 360 shot using the remove module?

I am using the Mocha Pro Plugin 2021 Version 8.0.0 build 613 via Adobe Premier Pro 2021

The shot that I’m working on was filmed on the Insta 360 Titan in stereoscopic 360. The camera was mounted on a motion control dolly track. The camera moves forward following the ladies as they are walking.

I am trying to remove the dolly track using these steps in the Mocha Pro Plugin:

  1. X-spline the object to remove (in this case, Dolly Track)
  2. Select “show planar surface” and show planar grid (pink icon)
  3. Adjust the blue edges of the planar until the pink grid is level with perspective
  4. Track forward

  1. Duplicate the Remove object layer (Dolly Track)
  2. Use the cursor + icon button to enlarge the object remove layer
  3. Rename layer “BG”
  4. Move the BG layer to the bottom and select link to track NONE

  1. Select the Dolly Track top layer and select the remove module, render frame

This is my result. Nothing seemed to have changed. Could someone please suggest another procedure for me to try?


Have you made a single frame cleanplate for this? Mocha needs clean pixels to replace the dolly with.

Hi Mary,

I have tried a version where I’ve created a clean plate and painted out the track using clone stamp in Photoshop. It works, but because it is 360, the perspective change is very obvious in a headset, especially as the camera is tracking forwards.

The shot is 30 seconds long and was filmed in 50fps. I tried to create and adjust the clean plate patch for every 200 frames (2 seconds), it looks good on the computer, but it still seems jarring on VR headset.

See below video for example, playback in Final Cut Pro 10 using VR view:

Sorry, here is the link to view the video screen recording in HQ

You may need to make multiple cleanplates every hundred frames or so, or beginning, middle, and end. This kid of shot is pretty difficult.

If you’re still not getting good results, you might need to hand paint it out across the shot but that’s much more time consuming. Some artists also use 3D projection for this type of shot.

Anytime you have a very long dolly move, you’re going to have a very challenging shot on your hands.

Thank you Mary. It is indeed a challenging shot to cleanup.

I will try creating more clean plates and see if it helps with the change in perspective.