How do I remove the flyaway hair around the subject’s eye?

I have a two second clip of a model. She has some flyaway hairs that are stuck to her face around her eye. Because of the eyelid and eyebrow, it makes it difficult to remove these flyaways without losing the details in the face. Admittedly, I’m not very experienced in Mocha beyond tracking for screen replacement and basic touch ups, but would appreciate someone more seasoned telling me how they might approach this shot, so I can at least look up the relevant tutorials to begin with. I am using Mocha Pro 2021 v8.0.3. in After Effects 2020.

Because of client privacy considerations, I have the raw footage on Dropbox, as well as a preview file on Vimeo, which I can share privately.

Hi Teddy,

Email me the video link to maryp at and I will take a look to advise.


Thank you for responding so promptly. I just emailed you a link to the video.

I sent you a response, I think your best bet will be several patches combined with roto.