How do I remove this text from this curved surface object that has 3D Rotation?

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How do I remove the highlighted text seamlessly from this curved surface object that has 3D rotation in the following video?:

Video: Dropbox - 018_Karussell_Totale_Sleepwalk.mp4 - Simplify your life

Screenshots: Dropbox - Screenshots - Simplify your life

I am a user of:

Photoshop | After Effects | Mocha Pro | PF Track | 3Ds max

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This one is going to be hard, but worth a try. It’s good that everything except the letters is same color.
Here are the general steps.

Track each text separately with perspective track on.

Prepare a few cleanplates for a different points in time (like, the one is when the text is facing towards camera, the other with 90 angle rotation)

Feed this cleanplates via the Insert module, and use the Grid Warp tool to adjust the patch in different points in time. Enable using Mattes to cut the part of the patch, that would became invisible for the camera at extreme rotation angles.

Enable Motion Blur to blend everything better.

You may would want to blend between those cleanplates that you have preparead by animating the opacity in Mocha’s Insert Module.

Another wrinkle that’s going to make this challenging to blend with original footage, but not impossible, is the lighting. With the one side of the object significantly brighter than the other you will need to create a filter or adjustment layer that only affects the replacement graphic/text and applies the proper brightness to one side and shadow to the other. This will be obvious once you finish animating the replacement. So I’m not writing this to point out it’s need, just additionally commenting on the process.

exactly, that’s right. That’s why i suggested making a few clean plates in different points of a time. But most likely this shout would require both blending between cleanplates, AND brightness correction with levels/curves/ or any other tool.

Btw @veajawad is this shot available for public use?

Thanks a lot for the guidance. I am surely going to try these instructions…

I am Sorry Unfortunately this shot belongs to my client and is not available for public use.

I was just thinking that’s an interesting one for making a tutorial and showing the workflow for everyone other, but I’ll try to find something similar

Ok, Very good idea.

I talked to my client and he allowed me to use this version of the video clip for public use.

So Yes, go ahead and make a tutorial out of that.


Amazing, thanks for the impact!
Added that to the list

Great. Thanks.

When do you think it will be ready?

And where will you upload it?

All of the content goes to either Boris FX, or Boris FX learn YouTube channels.

I’m currently already have some work planned, and the releases are coming soon.
So this one will take place some time later in time.

Subscribe and Stay tunned! :wink:

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Sure. That’s great.

I will stay tunned and be waiting for this tutorial.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Here is the High Res Version of this Shot: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

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Awesome, thanks!

Most Welcome.