How do I replace a window in a moving shot?

I am trying to replace a window in a shot which is panning down.
I am using a freeze frame from another part of the shot to insert into the window.
However, the insert ends up with an aspect ratio as though I was inserting a shot onto the plane of the window and thus distorting the replacement window.

How do I get MochaPro to insert just the window without changing the aspect of the replacement image?

Using MochaPro 2019.5 with AVID MC 8.8.1 on a Mac with 10.13.6
thank you, Ed

Where have you aligned your surface tool?

And have you tried using the Aspect Ratio fir surface to ROI option in the Source section of the Insert module? That will probably fix your aspect ratio discrepencies.

Let me know and I will be happy to help you further.


Hi Mary:
I am attaching a screenshot.
I am replacing the window with a freezeframe of the same window in order to eliminate movement within the existing window.
I have a freeze frame, but as you might see from the screenshot, Mocha puts the entire frame into perspective and sets it into the replacement area.
I’ve tracked the window and the track is solid. The replacement element follows the track as well.
I’ve not been able to figure out how to use the Aspect Ratio for surface to ROi effectively. It just seems to distort the image even more.
I appreciate your assistance, as always,

Hi Ed!

OK, click the “align surface tool” to move the corners of the frame out to the exact size of the frame and then use the “apply mattes” in the comp part of the insert tool to trim it down to size.

If the window doesn’t align perfectly, you can just adjust by hand and then apply your matte to the insert.

Does that make sense? Try that and let me know.


Ok. Thank you! That works like a charm. Why couldn’t I have thought of that?
Stay well!

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