How do I separate Project file from output file

I have organized my quad PC to minimize editing and rendering time. The SSD C drive is used for programs. Three support drives are a compromise between size for large video files, speed, space in the PC case, minimize editing rewrites to an SSD C drive to increase lifetime, and cost.

Two of the support drives for large video files, E (video Source files) and F (video Output files) are RAID mechanical drives, the third G (Project and Cache files) is an SSD. This arrangement attempts to minimize reads and writes to a single drive. I am able to do this with Premier Pro.

I am trying with no success to separate the Project and Output file in mocha Pro 3.2.2 by setting the File/Preferences/Output Directory to the F drive. The Project in the New Project dialog is set to the G drive.

In my Stabilizing work in mocha Pro, I have an Input TIFF sequential file from Premier Pro and an Output stabilized TIFF sequential file. Is it possible to separate the mocha Project file from the Output file?

You can always save the mocha file to a different location and keep your results folder in an absolute location. You will just need to go to file>save as and save your new mocha file where you want it to live. In preferences, you will keep the results folder path absolute on the F drive.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.