How do i stabilize this footage?
how do i stabilize this footage with mocha pro?
My track layer go out of shot, is there a way to transit to another track layer?

the rotoshape defines a tracking region. The actual track data is stored separate from the rotoshape.
if you want to see what your tracking data is doing, you need to turn on the ‘surface’ for the layer (a square will show up)
You can set keyframes manually to move the shape make over the bridge. or you can unlink the tracking data from the shape by changing the ‘link to track’ to be “none”. Then the shape won’t move with the track data.
the problem you’l have with that shot is that mocha will track the sun highlight on the water and not the bridge if you just draw a shape over the whole shot.

I do a lot of shots out of car windows (to the side) there are lots of ways to deal with tracking features that are only camera for a few frames.

See if you can get that working or make sense of it and if not I’ll try to help you again.


Yes I have been tracking the bridge. the sea tracking is not practical.

note that I am using the premiere pro plug in with mocha pro .

thx i managed to track with mutilple . However i noticed that it still sways around . Is there a way to set the bridge straight vertical?

If you were using After Effects, I’d say look here:

… and check his mini tutorials on stabilize.

In Premiere though, not sure how you’d go about it, but perhaps this will give you some ideas.

Hi there,

You need to increase your angle percentage and up your percentage of pixels tracked (both options in the track module) and only draw a shape around the bridge and you should get a much better track.

Thx , guys I got it to work . One more question , once I got it rock solid stabilised ? Anyway I can adjust the rotation ,to get the line of the jetty perfect parallel to the sides of the frame?

Yes, find a frame where your line is as straight as it can be and use that as your reference frame. That should use that frame as the full frame for the entire stabilized version of this shot.

Thanx for the reply MaryP,
Thats what I have been doing, however what if at no point of the footage the is at that angle?

Then I would render it and then rotate and crop it in AE or similar.