How do i struggle with track that go out of frame

hey :slight_smile:
i use mocha pro the latest version…
ive been trying to track license plate but it’s not eazy in my shot. i dont know how to stay on the track place when it’s moving out of frame… realy need help please .
add yhe shot to drive thank you!


The link you provided has restricted access

I see some car jittering, and also black border appears from the right. So I assume there was some stabilizations & transformation applied to the footage. Do you have access to this shot without any transformations applied? It’s always better to work with the source material. Stabilization usually leads to more tracking errors.

It is also super compressed. If this is what you usually get from your clients, it’s better to ask rendering the materials with hight bitrate, usually Prores 422 or DNXhd codec works fine. This will retain fine details, and make your tracking life more easier. But this is just a recommendation for the future projects.

Hey I know it’s low , it’s just example. But even with high resolution its still not stick in the part the board insert to the frame . Is there any technique to track the first frame when it cover all the board?

It won’t be an “one click solution” for this one. Firs thing you should try doing - is to calibrate the lens on the Lens Tab. While shooting with wide lenses, the more closer objects are to the edges of the frame - the more distorted they are. Your license plate is going completely out of frame, so trying to track it without going through the undistortion process first is gonna be tricky.

That’s why I’m pointing on having this shot without stabilization. Having both lens distortion and post-stabilization at the same time will lead to unpredictable results in tracking.

After you calibrate the lens, you’re should be able to track it more easier, but high chances are you still will need to do some adjustments in Adjust Tab. You can set up a reference points, and use it in Translation mode, or set up 4 points, for each corner individually.

Here’s a link to available tutorial. We will probably have an updated version soon, so would be cool if we could use your shot as an example, if you can get it without stabilization.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for explaining to me :slight_smile: