How do I switch my home license computer to my work computer

Emailed customer Service a few days ago but got no reply. Needing to use Mocha Pro at my work on an other computer. My home computer has the license but don’t know how to transfer it over. I see the “deactivate nodelocked license” in the Mocha Pro Help section. Do I click on this? What happens next? Could you walk me through the process please?
Also need to use Mocha again when I get back home on my home computer.

Hi Des,

I don’t see your case in our case system. Did you email directly or did you submit a case?

You have to deactivate your key at home and then activate on the new machine.

Let me find the exact instructions for you.

Stand by,

Hi there,

There are a couple of ways

The other way to do this is via the account page on our website. This is helpful for when you can’t get to your other machine at the moment.

Please let us know if you have any more questions and we will be happy to help you.


No joy Mary with trying to deactivate via first route - lovely spinning colourful ball then had to force quit.

Then went for second option. " This can only be done once in a 30 day period"? Soon find out tomorrow.

Cheers :+1:

After closing down I found this little beauty. Hiding behind all opened pages. Have I now created extra problems for tomorrow at work?

I don’t think so? It looks like you successfully deactivated and can now reactivate.