How do I track this Newspaper with Powermash and insert my Plate?


I am new to Mocha pro and I tried hard to get my Plate into this Newspaper-Shot.

Maybe someone can help me?

I use After Effects and Mocha Pro:

Here are the Links to the Video and the Plate:

Plate Frame 392:

Thanks in advance!

Here are some videos on PowerMesh that are great to start with. Do you have any specific problem?

I watched these in every detail, but my Mesh doesn’t stick to the newspaper and my plate is wired…
Maybe you can have a look at this After Effects File…

Thanks in advance

You will need to run some color correction on the footage layer to bring out as much detail as possible in the newspaper. Then you’ll have to pre-compose, move all attributes, and then run Mocha Pro on the Pre-comp.

It may take a couple of tries to get the grid to stick. You will also probably want to generate a uniform grid.

You’ll also need to run a separate track for the roto.

When you get a solid track in Mocha Pro and can attach an image to the paper in Mocha, you can save, return to AE, open up the pre-comp, and turn off the color correction.

I suggest you up the pixels used to 100% to start, then back off a little if there are huge problems with the track. It’s almost certainly going to require a few manual adjustments.

I don’t have time for a screen capture or show you what the Mocha settings should look like.

Let us know if you have any other issues.

I now also tried that, the mesh doesn’t work.
I also tried the Preprocessing Parameters in the Track Tap.

I think that shot is untrackable. Maybe too much Motion Blur.

If someone can take the challenge successfully can pay 100$.

Thanks in Advance.

Can you elaborate what exactly do you mean by “mesh doesn’t work”?

Do you get bad result while tracking, or maybe you insert does not follow the track at all?
The newspaper should have more than enough texture to track.

Couple of things to check:

  • Make sure that you actually have you mesh created. If you’re running not the latest version of Mocha, you might need to do that manually. The “Generate mesh” button is for that.

  • If your Mesh gets distorted during the track, you can use “Edit Mesh” tool to tweak it.


If the track is actually good, but you cant make the insert to follow it, this might be due to After Effects time offset issue. Your insert and the source footage should both start from same frame. If they not - try precomping it first, and apply Mocha Pro only after that.

Hope that helps

I didn’t have time to do all the tracking and cleanup but I had to add Lumetri and Grain to the shot in a pre-comp to get enough detail in the newspaper to get a successful mesh track. It’s going to take some time to clean everything up and you are going to have to do a bit of mesh editing, but if you look at the first tutorial and try something like these settings for Lumetri and grain, you might get a handle on it.