How do I update the free version of Mocha for AE

I’m running into issues and when I checked the build, it was from November 2018. I can’t justify spending money on this product if the build is buggy…

Have you tried Mocha Pro? You can find more information about the product along with instructions for downloading the product installers and pricing information at this link : Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2022.5

The bundled Mocha AE is only be delivered and updated through Adobe Creative Cloud. You can expect a new Mocha AE version in the next major AE update (Fall 2019).

If you wish to share bug reports or specific problems with Boris FX, the moderators of the forum can try to help you.

If you use Mocha a lot and would like to always have the newest features and point releases, the Mocha Pro annual subscription is a great option.