How do users store Silhouette Python scripts?


I am curious to know how other Silhouette users store and/or share their Python scripts, especially if you move between platforms and versions. Thanks!

My current method is not particularly efficient: I just have a dropbox folder that syncs between systems and then I copy my custom scripts to the current working resources directory.

Perhaps @marco or @paul.miller can enlighten me if there is an environment variable for defining a custom /scripts path, as it would be very useful! :slight_smile:

I tend to use Github and have a personal repository for Silhouette which I try to keep up to date when I can and just pull from that whether I’m at work or home.

At work with lots of restrictions etc, we have a setup where a Silhouette user environment is defined inside an artists personal folder which just gets added to the /scripts path and SFX_USER_PATH. This allows additional per user customization on top of any global scripts we setup and this works quite nicely.

The DropBox approach should work well. Inside Silhouette on each machine, go into Preferences->Environment and set SFX_SCRIPT_PATH to point to your local DropBox scripts path, then restart. Now your personal scripts will be scanned during startup! :cool:

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I’m going to try the DropBox approach and will set up the path. That will be great for home. I have similar restrictions at work that Josh has so still thinking about that one. Thanks!

I should have said you need to set SFX_SCRIPT_PATH, not SFX_USER_PATH.

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