How do you get a credit roll on half of the screen

I am trying to have my credits run on the right half of the screen while a video plays on the left half.

The duration of the event is 1:52:24. If I set the Master Scale (of the Title Container) to 50, the credits run in half the time. Setting the Speed pix/sec to 100 (the minimum value), does not slow it down enough.

If I set the X scale to 50, the credits run the full duration, but they look bizarrely smooshed.

I tried repositioning the camera, by changing the zoom and X Position values, but in order to get the credits to roll from the bottom and disappear at the top, I need to be able to keyframe the Y value of the camera position, and I can’t seem to get the camera position to retain any keyframe information. It just stays at the last value I typed in. (I am trying to keyframe the camera by hitting the add keyframe icon in the composite window.)

Does anyone know of a way to make this work?

Hi rbuswell,

I think you are making it all much more complicated than it really is.

In your NLE place a wipe on the video track you want to use. This way the video moves to the left of the screen, and the right side becomes black.
Create a title scroll just over the black part of the screen. As this scroll is separate of the video, you can move this around in time and length to your wishes.
Done, fast and simple!
This is the way I do it all the time.
You can also use a push wipe, but than your video looks squeezed.

What NLE are you using? Are you using Boris Title Studio or Boris RED?

Hope this helps!