How do you replace a spinning record label?


I’m hoping you can help…I’m attempting to replace a label on a record, but am struggling once the record is actually spinning on the turntable.

I’m able to get a solid track of bringing the vinyl in and placing it on the platter, yet within a few frames of it actually spinning, it starts to lose it. I initially started in Mocha AE, however have downloaded Mocha Pro (trial version) and that seems to hold it for a few more frames, yet still loses the lock very quickly…in my head this should be easy considering everything this can do.

It takes approximately 45 frames to do a full 360 spin, so i’ve upped the angle to 8° in the hope this would help, and also increased the amount of pixels…but still no luck.

I’m ok with after effects, and can use Mocha pretty well for stabilisation, but i am newbie really so it’s probably something simple…what am i missing?

Mac OS
After Effects 17.5.0
Mocha Pro (trial) 2020.5
Also Mocho AE

Please help…it’s driving me crazy

Couple of screen shots in case it helps:

(there is a work around of using the track up to the point of spinning, and then using a 3D layer in after effects and keyframing the spin, but I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong…the work around isn’t quite perfect, so I’m hoping Mocha can do it all)

It’s a tricky one because the motion blur. You can try increasing the angle setting higher and the percent of pixels tracked.

Possibly you can make a spline shape that avoids more of the white pixels on the label.

Hi Rosss,

Thanks for the reply…in the end i gave up and fudged it in After Effects with 3D layers and masked…not perfect but it’ll do for the amount of time it’s in shot.
The lock was great until the spin started and no matter what i tried, it would always lose it…such a shame.

Thanks again.