How do you track free moving occluded black screens? (Black Monitor)

Hi all newcomer here,

I’m having problems with a shot that is free moving (rotating) and I’m supposed to be tracking a blank black monitor screen. The problem is the supposed black monitor, unfortunately at some point the top half of it gets cut off so the problems gets worse. I already have tried using track mattes to remove the offending objects in the track.

Are there any tips or tricks I can do to solve this issue?


So far the problems are:

  • Black screen with no tracking marks and limited area to track.
  • Blurry footage.
  • Rotating/free moving camera.

Hi Jaydee,

OK, this is a tricky one. Yes, you need occlusion mattes, but also the reality of this shot is that because of the extreme motion blur and also rapid turning, you will probably have to use manual track for part of this shot, Especially where the rapid turn starts. The good news is that the motion is so extreme that you likely can hand track it without much work and blend that back into the shot.

Manual track is going to save you here.

I do have a very old tutorial on Manual Track, but the technique is still the same: Quick Tip Manual Track - YouTube

Try that and let me know?

I will try this tutorial thank you very much!