How does Saving work with the Mocha Pro plugins?

Mocha version 2019. Using the OFX plugin inside of Fusion.

Did a bunch of roto and was saving within Mocha every few strokes. Exited Mocha and pasted the roto shapes into the Fusion flow and tried to insert them into the chain and it crashes Fusion.

I’m thinking, 'that’s fine, everything is all saved I didn’t lose anything.l – Except, I go back into Mocha and have lost all of that roto? So, what is the point of the Save function within Mocha if it doesn’t seem to be saving?

This is why I’m still really gun shy of the Mocha plugins. I’ve lost too much work to use them for anything but the simplest shots.

There should be an “autosave” file that you could open directly from inside a new instance of the plugin - look in your pref’s for the location and preferably back it up before opening …

The standalone absolutely exists for different pipeline needs like Graham’s, but there is an autosave file the plugin generates that should recover that information. I actually stopped using the standalone for all my work, but I definitely save in Mocha and save often in the host.

Bowser’s issue sounds like a bug, we will investigate this. Sorry for the trouble, I understand how absolutely hair pulling frustrating that can be.

Make sure to save the Fusion file as well before you copy and paste data, it might be a clipboard problem and that could bypass the issue.

I will pass this to our Product Manager.