How export Power Mesh points

How can I export Power Mesh’s points to a file or clipboard? Like it is done in After effects with nulls.
upd. Maybe using Python?

Hmm, I think your best bet is going to be trying to convert alembic data right now though I think we are working on an export for this. Let me confirm with @martinb

Thank you! Please let me know. Because it takes a lot of time to convert alembic.
p.s. I mean 2d points))

Hi Alexey,

What specific format do you need to export to? Is this for a compositing host?

Hi Martin,
Ideally i need a list of points formated [ [[Frame,X,Y][…]] [[…][…]] ]. I’d really appreciate if you could share how to do it in Mocha using Pyhon. This is for various things in Nuke.
Thank you!

Hi Alexey,

Currently, you can’t do it via Python as the API access isn’t there. We have a feature request to add this, but not yet.

I suggest DMing me via the forum messaging and requesting a join to the beta. There may be some things incoming that will help you in the near future.

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Hello Martin,
Sorry, I don’t find here how to send a direct message to you. Can you help please?

Just click on my user name and select the “Message” option.

There is no “message” option when clicking on your user name. Screenshot

Weird. I’ll message you.

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