How fast should my tracking be?

I have a dual quad core 4Ghz

32 gigs of ram

pretty decent video card

Is it normal for Mocha to take 10-15 minutes for a 40 second clip?

Tracking speed depends on a number of factors:

  1. The size of the footage you are working with
  2. The size of the shape you are tracking
  3. How many layers you are tracking concurrently
  4. The Min % of Pixels Used value you have set in tracking parameters
So for example, tracking half the frame in a 4K shot at 90% Min % Pixels is going to track a lot slower than a small area inside a HD shot at 50%.

10-15 minutes does sound excessive for a track, but 40 seconds is also pretty long for a single shot as well. Are you tracking a large area in the shot?

We currently use GPU-acceleration only for matte rendering.