How long does it take support to respond?

I have two support cases entered – one on the 2nd, one on the 3rd, and I have heard nothing back from support at all. Does anyone know how long it usually takes?

Hi There,

I’ll check with support to see if perhaps your message was errantly rerouted to a spam folder - they’re usually very quick to respond. In the meantime, what seems to be the problem with Continuum that you need help with?

After playing with the free version of Particle Illusion for a couple of weeks, I purchased the Continuum Partilcle Illusion plug in version to use with Adobe Premier and AE, I have it in my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 with 16 GB ram. Every time I go to track an Emitter Offset in the included Mocha Motion Tracker, I click on the Track arrow and the program crashes and shuts down. Any idea why this would be happening? is 16GB not enough RAM? Is there something else I am missing here? My second ticket was a question on if it can’t work with my Wacom, how do I get the license from the tablet to my desktop computer so that I can move ahead on the projects I am working on… Thankyou for your attention to this.

Ok, sorry to hear that you’re encountering these issues but let’s see what we can do to assist and get you up and running. There’s a switch to disable GPU tracking in Mocha - let’s start by disabling that. Please let me know if this helps.

That worked to disable the GPU processing under preferences, and it tracks well now – but when I save that and got back to go launch Particle Illusion to choose an emitter for the Emitter offset, it just hangs in both Premier Pro and AE and does not launch Particle Illusion.

I think I just got it to work. Let me try it one more time

Hmmm … were you able to launch particle illusion prior to this change? I’d be very surprised if you were able to answer yes to that question because all you changed was how Mocha is tracking, nothing else. What about the host - do you have it set to use Metal? If so that could be part of the problem as PI does not yet have a Metal render pipe. So in the AE project settings, ensure that Video Rendering is set to use Mercury Software Only and relaunch AE and give PI another shot.

Also, in the AE preferences panel, under Video Preview, you might want to disable the Use Mercury Transmit option.

That did it! Thank you so much for your help! It works exactly like it is supposed to, and I can do it on my Wacom. I really appreciate it!

Delighted that we were able to sort that out - thanks for supporting our products!


I’m very impressed. Thank you.

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