How Merge project works?

I have done all my tracks using AE plugin and Saved as Export project. I feel bad using dynamic link. So I open Mocha using Premiere pro Plugin then use Merge project to get back my tracks. but its seem not working well even I try to track again… I still can not use removal tool. what should i do?

As long as the frames line up you can use “Open” instead of merge. Merge is useful when you want to combined multiple project files together (usually for roto). Open literally just opens the file and relinks your source input.

Where is the Open tap? I don’t see on the File manu


Which version are you using? :slight_smile:

I’m using Mocha Pro 5


You should update to v5.6. This is a free update. Keep in mind that some things between v5.0 and v5.6 have changed, so read the release notes!

I have updated to V5.6 now and I also use Open function to open my last
export project to continue removing. but its not working… all trackers
were tracked perfectly but I can not remove what I want to remove

I don’t think your screenshot uploaded correctly.
Can you try again?